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Brexit madness

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Lets do a bit of math, shall we?

  • The UK is host to approximately 64.5 million souls as of 2013.
  • 17.4 million of them voted to leave the EU in a non-binding referendum this past Wednesday.
  • 16.1 million voted to remain.
  • According to the NY Times, the turnout was about 72% of eligible voters,
  • Which means there were approximately 46.5 voters eligible to vote.

In other words, 37.4% of eligible voters, or 26.9% of the total UK population made a decision to abrogate the defining treaty of post World War II Europe.

This is the treaty that brought peace and prosperity to hundreds of millions in dozens of countries for the first time in centuries.

And the UK government is meekly going along with it?

And I thought American politics are fucked.