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Lefties (as in handedness, not politics)

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Few things get a rise out of me faster than someone dissing us left-handed folks. I am old enough to have had my hand whacked with the edge of a ruler by a manaical right-thinking nun in first grade penmanship class. (It was the only time my mom took on the nuns in my defense. They’d done the same to her years earlier and she never forgave them. In my case, mom won. Yeah, mom!) I’ve been fiercely pro-leftie ever since, criticizing rude righties and miscreant can openers as necessary.

ANYway, apropos of nothing…

I notice our new president is left handed. So was the one we just sent back to Texas with his tail between his legs. Now, based on personal observation – I observe lefties a lot – I’ve concluded that we lefties are either:
                       a) smarter than, or
                       b) stupider than
average. We lefties don’t tend to do in-between. I think there’s even research to prove the idea, but I’m not going to take time looking it up. Sure seems like Obama and Bush prove the point though.

Me? Where am I on the either-or scale? Wellllll… I figure I’m both smarter AND stupider than average. Depends on when and how you measure. (See title of blog above.)

Happy evening, people. Even you righties.

Off topic AND on topic: No free passes for this election

Friday, October 10th, 2008

I don’t send out political screeds. This is my first and hopefully my last. But I feel strongly about this election, so strongly I’m risking alienating a lot of people here. Please, consider what I’ve written. Send it out to the world. Link to this page. Send it to friends and relatives and strangers. Cut it, edit it, reword it. Post it on blogs, squeeze it into comments. Send it back to those rumor-mongering eMails. Whatever you can do. Thanks. –Ed

No free passes this election

Recently a friend told me he’s voting “none of the above” for President. My blood boiled. I’ve heard others planning to do the same, write in somebody irrelevant or just skip voting altogether. My blood boils and my head spins. What are they thinking?

Does anyone really think this country would be the disaster it is today if the election had been different in 2000? That we’d be in the same financial, military, and moral mess? (more…)