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Painful blather

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

This post isn’t likely to make much sense. The pain caused by the autoimmune war my body has declared on itself is so over the top I reluctantly downed half a Norco (Vicodin with less liver-destroying Tylenol in the mix) to dull the fire then for good measure threw in the prednisone I skipped yesterday – prednisone barely keeps Eddie’s War from going nuclear – as I had to hold still for an MRI so the docs can take another stab at figuring out what exactly this dermatomyositis/ GVHD/ mess of a condition might actually be.

Got that? (more…)

Chronic pain – a guest post

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

In my whine about my latest medical issues, I mention chronic pain. Chronic pain is different from regular pain in the same way a bad mood is different from a blackshade depression. A beloved friend who knows more than most about chronic pain sent me the following. She gave me permission to reproduce it here.

Chronic Pain: A Rant by RLL

It isn’t fair-but it doesn’t give a shit about that.  It just hurts.

Most people don’t know you’re in pain.  They think you’re just in a bad mood or are just being bitchy or difficult and hard to get along with. Some still consider it malingering — a sign of weakness.  Especially when pain starts canceling plans. Others take it personally – if you loved them you’d still want to do this or that like you used to or promised you would.  It’s just a lame excuse.

Chronic pain and its side effects don’t show really, at least not like acute pain.  If you don’t have a body part split open, are not dripping blood, have something wrapped up, slung up or taped down, it can’t really be all that bad and you’re just being a big baby.  You’re just making excuses to get out of something.