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Like, simile, dude!

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Haven’t linked to anything like this before but this ‘toon has so many levels I couldn’t resist. Click to enlarge.


Chronic pain – a guest post

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

In my whine about my latest medical issues, I mention chronic pain. Chronic pain is different from regular pain in the same way a bad mood is different from a blackshade depression. A beloved friend who knows more than most about chronic pain sent me the following. She gave me permission to reproduce it here.

Chronic Pain: A Rant by RLL

It isn’t fair-but it doesn’t give a shit about that.  It just hurts.

Most people don’t know you’re in pain.  They think you’re just in a bad mood or are just being bitchy or difficult and hard to get along with. Some still consider it malingering — a sign of weakness.  Especially when pain starts canceling plans. Others take it personally – if you loved them you’d still want to do this or that like you used to or promised you would.  It’s just a lame excuse.

Chronic pain and its side effects don’t show really, at least not like acute pain.  If you don’t have a body part split open, are not dripping blood, have something wrapped up, slung up or taped down, it can’t really be all that bad and you’re just being a big baby.  You’re just making excuses to get out of something.