What am I rattling on about?

My name is Ed, I’m a writer, geek, and photographer among other things but lately I’ve been dealing with liver cancer, chemo, a liver transplant, hepatitis C, autoimmune diseases which are supposed to be impossible to get when you’re immune suppressed and… Oh, heck: let me explain with one of those irritating run-on mini-monologues:

Forever docs have been fretting about my liver because blood test liver numbers always came in well above “normal” so they bugged me and bugged me about those numbers (without ever offering an explanation or a fix) until I finally told them I said, “don’t talk about my liver any more unless the numbers are weird for me” so they reluctantly complied sort of but not really because they kept an eye on my heretical hepatological organ so when the test for Hepatitis C became available we found out that was the snarky disease causing the problem yet amazingly my liver kept working or “compensating” in the medical jargon for years, decades even, and I bicycled on and life was mostly good although eventually liver-related bumps in the road like anemia and varices (swollen and/or bleeding veins in your throat) popped up now and then but still I cycled merrily forward until March 2006 when all hell broke loose with the discovery of HCC a.k.a. HepatoCellular Carcinoma a.k.a. liver cancer and as HCC kills quickly I was rushed into the liver transplant program at U.C.S.F. for evaluation and thanks to my physical shape (very good), my mental shape (also pronounced very good which just shows how inexact mind sciences can be) and luck, I got a new liver in July of 2006 and was on the road to a fabulous recovery and getting ready to resume bicycle century rides (ok, kilometer centuries, not miles) when the Hepatitis C came back which we always expected but not as as expected where it’d ruin Dax – that’s the new liver, thank you RLL for the name – in 10 or 20 years which is ok when you’re 50 plus but in a “cholestatic variant” of hepatitis C that can eat your liver up in months which is never ok and so I went on massive doses of interferon and a bunch of other toxic drugs for over a year to try and keep Dax from giving up the ghost and taking me along with him and… somehow that stopped the cholestasis which was a good thing because the interferon just about killed me so then I had a hernia repair to my transplant scar that inflated like a balloon and took another year to fix which at least went sort of ok and I no longer looked like Alien in the belly and started feeling pretty good only then I came down with not one but two autoimmune diseases that have the docs just shaking their heads and these diseases keep me hurting and limit what I can do outside which sucks but I have been able to go back to yoga classes with is helpful but…


unfortunately these days I’m not bicycling very far.

Believe it or not this really is the digest version. Ok, probably not the best example of succinctness, but hopefully it’ll help make sense of my ramblings.