Daily funny: Dear Zelda; workplace advice for NSA staffers

This is so far beyond irony that it loops around the other side. 

Seems that the NSA – yes, that NSA, the one reading your eMails (Yo, Spooks!), listening to your phone calls, monitoring your bank accounts – seems the folks there have need of advice on workplace etiquette. So, their internal (non-hackable of course) network hosts a blog called Dear Zelda, in which all manner of such advice is provided.
One of my favorite NPR shows, On the Media, did a story on Dear Zelda recently and you can listen to it here. It’s only six minutes long but worth every second. And if you do tune in, be sure and listen to the end: after the On the Media announcer finishes someone reads a very special question and reply from Zelda.
Can’t make this stuff up.

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