If this site looks a bit wobbly…

…its because the relentless demon “Progress” forced me into updating the software. As with most things, the  “new and improved” just swaps out problems old for new and I’m dealing with the consequences now. When I’m done its back to the posts and pics.

Meanwhile here’s a picture from the best veterans memorial I’ve ever seen,  the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden just north of Mount Shasta in Northern California. A series of sculptures depict the soldiers, the POWs, the nurses, and more. This one, part of the centerpiece, is simply called Why?

Why?  (8 June 10)


Why? indeed.


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2 Responses to “If this site looks a bit wobbly…”

  1. Lisa Paul Says:

    Uh oh, are you talking about WordPress 3.0. I’ve been covering my ears and saying LALALALALALALA. I’ll upgrade after they’ve worked out the kinks.

  2. EJB Says:

    Yeah, it’s the upgrade to WP 3.0. I’d been avoiding it for months as it also required a SQL database update (for me) from 4x to 5x which my ISP could do but then wanted extra $$$ to transfer my old stuff (for this tiny blog!). So I avoided. And avoided. Finally I dug into it and figured out how to do the transfer using WordPress itself. Led to other consequences of course – if there’s a master rule for life its that every step you take leads to unintended consequences – but these are fixable, if only I have the time… I’m spending so much effort on the Save McLaren Park project these days I never get my own stuff done.

    So you do your own website design for Left Coast Cowboys? I am impressed; yours is one of the best-designed sites out there. Congrats.

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