Please, stop “sparing me!”

It is a universally accepted truism that we medically complicated folks “have enough on our hands” and mustn’t be troubled with your problems. No matter how much we ask, how much we insist, however close we are, you are always “fine”, your life is always uncomplicated and all is going exactly as you planned.


How many of you have told me when I’ve felt guilty about relying on you yet again for some necessary kindness that it’s not only not a bother to help but is even a distraction for you from your own day-to-day problems? Lots of you. Did you say that just to shut me up? Over concern for my health? Please. I’m not that fragile.

So why are you robbing me of the essential human tic of worrying about you like you do about me? Why do you deny me the right to fret over your hardships and troubles? Just because some jerk named Conventional Wisdom insists I can’t take on any more?

Did I ever tell you how much I admire Conventional Wisdom?

Now I’m the first to admit that at times my life is so damned complicated or painful or just plain insane I can’t handle any input. But it’s pretty obvious when that’s the case: a) I’m usually in a hospital, and b) I’m even more heavily medicated than usual. It’s not like you aren’t getting strong signals when not to trouble.

So if you don’t see the flashing signs, please, dear friends, stop sparing me!

Despite my somewhat frankensteinish life I am human. And just like the rest of you hominids I can solve everybody else’s problems with ease. Just ask me! Its my problems that are crazy nuts impossible to fix… just like yours are to you. I believe that’s what is called the human condition.

So share already.

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  1. GIL Says:

    I know my friends are probably all maxed out with hearing about all my “issues” but I do have friends that are going through similar life threatening situations….ie: breast cancer, Hep C , etc. and they are all willing to share their problems with me when I ask how they are….So a for me, its a give & take.
    Which is fine with me….And as I become healthier & feeling better, its nice to give back & lend a shoulder to someone else.
    Thanks for sharing your story, Ed……

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