Pic of the week 16 February

Otto performs a laparoscopic squeakectomy

Otto performs a laparoscopic squeakectomy
Otto is REALLY good at removing squeakers from toys. If he doesn’t do it the moment he gets his little paws on a new one, it will happen. It’s just a matter of when.

Last night a friend came by for dinner. As it was raining all day and he’d been stuck indoors with his dog, Jake, he brought Jake along for some R&R with Otto.

After much trading of toys, guarding of bones, and competing for chewies Otto normally ignores, my friend and Jake left. They left behind a small red squeaking ball. Otto of course found it.

This afternoon Otto ran about the house squeaking it constantly. This evening, when I went to throw it for him, the squeaker no longer squeaked. It just rattles around inside the ball, a dead piece of plastic. 

Somehow Otto managed to disable the squeaker without the usual shredding and body parts. A sort of laparoscopic squeakectomy. I’ve called him the surgeon before when he’s dismembered some stuffed critter; I guess he’s upgraded his skills.

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2 Responses to “Pic of the week 16 February”

  1. Eva Says:

    Our dog also knows how to laparoscopically remove a squeak device from a toy. We refer to it as a squeakroscopic surgical canine incision. Being one with too much experience with abdominal surgery, I appreciate a dog that can so deftly desqueak a toy with the undivided attention usually allotted to religious zealots.

    Here is to upgrading one’s skills, living life to the best of one’s abilities, and dogs not peeing inside.

  2. EJB Says:

    a squeakroscopic surgical canine incision…
    Wow. That’s an even better description than my own.

    Maybe our own surgeons should study their techniques!

    Best to you,

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