No belly-search by TSA!

Amazing but true, folks: I’m taking a quick pre-surgery trip to San Diego and I’m happy to report I – and my ever-expanding belly bubble – made it through airport security without being “examined!” And a big hooray for that!

OK, I took precautions: a baggy t-shirt covered by a ratty jacket, strict Victorian-standard corseting, and of course the trick all men of a certain belly size use to impress others with their physique, a serious sucking in of the gut.

Maybe none of it mattered, maybe it was just that the crowd pining to get to the Other Side was large and the TSA agents wanted to get  rid of us. Whatever, it was nice not to have to go through the “what is that? Ewwww… pull DOWN the shirt sir!” routine again.

Now, to the beach! (Shirt on, of course.)

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